Fundamentals of Optimized Life Coaching 

Optimized Life Coaching is a professional coaching company serving Clients nationwide. Coaching is designed to facilitate the creation of personal, career or business goals; develop plans to achieve those goals and to follow through with the process of implementing the action steps needed to successfully accomplish the intended results. 

Office Telephone Number: 616.827.8274

Coaching Process: The coaching process normally works this way: Client calls the Coach and sets up an initial appointment to meet either by telephone, in person or through internet technology (Skype, FaceTime). This is an opportunity for Coach and Client to determine if coaching is appropriate at this time. Both Coach and Client decide whether working together is a good fit.  The expectations for both are spelled out and discussed. If both agree to proceed, the Client reviews the Coaching Agreement, agrees to the various conditions of coaching, including dates for appointments, length of time for coaching, fees and duration of the program. 

Typically, coaching takes place for an hour, once a week, for three months. In between the formal one hour coaching sessions, commonly, the Client and Coach communicate throughout the week in brief conversations by text, e-mail or phone. This way the Client and Coach share continuous information. The specific interactions vary depending on the Client's preference and Coaching Agreement. 

During the coaching session, Professional Coaches ask a series of thought-provoking questions, actively listen, discuss options, seek clarification, keep focus and develop new cognitive strategies.  Ultimately, the Coach holds the Client comfortably accountable to the standards the Client has set for themselves.  

It is remarkable how intensive focus, thoughtful planning, and implementing action steps can move Clients forward.  Once Clients go through this process, they use it over and over and find value in it for the rest of their lives, because the coaching process transforms their intentions to reality.  The results are amazing.  

Lead Coach: Angela Musselman, M.A., L.L.P., W.C.S., B.C.C.  Ms. Musselman is a Board Certified Coach with over 20 years of professional experience working with individuals to achieve their success. 

Team Coaches: Optimized Life Coaching has a team of independent coaches who work together for larger projects. Team Coaches are highly skilled, well educated and maintain the high ethical standards Optimized Life Coaching expects.   


Mailing Address: PO Box 519, Byron Center, Michigan, 49315

Legal Business Entity: Optimized Life Coaching, LLC is a limited-liability company incorporated in Michigan, USA.  The Organizing Member and Owner of Optimized Life Coaching is Angela Musselman.

Location: Optimized Life Coaching is located just southwest of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.  Office address is: 1410 84th Street, SW, Byron Center, Michigan, 49315.